Trends in IT Consulting for 2020

The World of IT Consulting

IT consultation has become a very popular service in information technology in recent years. With the help of a good independent IT consultant or an IT consulting firm, you can successfully accomplish a variety of tech related activities that require particular expertise in the designing, strategizing, planning, execution, implementation, testing, and management of technological devices and networks.

Trends that are changing IT Consulting in 2020

The one thing we can all bank on when it comes to the world of technology is constant change. The revolutionary world that we live in today experiences exponential growth and success with every passing second, and advances in technology are the primary driver for this consistent development. Several of these tech developments have long lasting and world changing impacts on the field of IT consultation as well. Let’s explore some of the latest trends in IT consulting that have modified and elevated the scope of the field in 2020:

The Shift to the Cloud

It should come as no surprise that cloud computing is one of the major players that are impacting the world of IT consulting. With more and more businesses shifting their operations completely over to the cloud or adopting hybrid approaches regardless of the scale of their setup, they require the services of experienced and skilled IT consultants that can help with the move of the data, maintain and manage software, and make the migration process and everything beyond that as seamless and streamlined as possible.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has been a persistent presence in the world of technology since the past few years and has become a force to be reckoned with, especially for IT consultants. IT consulting firms are now looking into how they can capitalize on the Internet of Things and use these connected networks to extract data and optimize campaigns.

Big Data and Data Analytics

The modern business industry is all about collecting and analyzing as much data as you can possibly extract with your resources. This revolution has had a great impact on IT consulting services and what clients have come to expect from their service providers. The breadth of services and tools that IT consultants have to offer has considerably widened as business owners look to optimize their data collection and analytics techniques, tools, and methodologies to extract maximum benefit.

A Large Skill Set

The breadth of information technology continues to expand everyday and customers have come to expect more and more from their service providers than ever before. It is time for IT consulting firms to up their game and invest in the staff, training, and tools they need to evolve their knowledge and skill sets with the evolution of technology.


New businesses are looking toward freelancing consultants these days more than they are turning to established firms and service providers. This is because most IT consulting firms offer pre packaged services that make the client feel as if their unique set of challenges or requirements will not be best addressed. Freelance consultants work on an on-demand basis and are much more flexible in regards to adopting an approach that is unique to that particular organization.


Another new trend in IT consulting has been that of collaboration between various firms or freelancers to maximize productivity and cover as many bases as possible for a single project. With the exponential expansion of IT, there are not many IT consultants who harbor all of the knowledge and tools relevant to a particular niche or business environment, which is why businesses are looking for consultants who will partner with other service providers to offer a more holistic and complete service.


More than anything, the modern IT consultant needs to be flexible and versatile, ready to adapt to any and all changes that may be warranted by the evolving nature of the world of contemporary technology and associated activities. Considering just how extensively and easily affected this field is by advents in various kinds of technologies and methodologies, flexibility is required to ensure the survival of IT consultant firms as they must incorporate the latest trends and approaches to provide the best possible services to their clients.