Scepter was founded in 2006 to provide Information Technology solutions to complex business problems so as to achieve strategic long term goals and profitable short term objectives of business clients. We believe in our people being our primary asset. We have a motivated and highly skilled set of people who have a vast knowledge base of proven solution methodologies and are well equipped and trained with the right set of tools to provide customized and tailored solutions. With the expertise we have and an extensive set of proven solutions, our people can leverage and brain storm to provide a winning solution, while you are working on setting up your next profitable goal. We are ready and able to serve various verticals in today's marketplace, be it Healthcare, Insurance, Banking or Finance.

We appreciate your interest in our firm, and please take the time to browse our entire site in order to learn more about how our services and products can assist you and your organization, or to see if your skills and dedication make you an ideal candidate to join the 'Scepter Family'.

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We are looking for the best and brightest people to join our team - people who will help us grow by providing our members with the highest level of service.

We offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package including:

Medical Insurance     Short and Long Term Disability
Dental Insurance      Paid Time Off (PTO)
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