About Scepter Tech

Scepter Technologies, Inc has been incorporated and headquartered in United States of America, is an IT consulting, staffing and development firm that delivers high-quality IT services to clients.

We have been playing the role of a trusted IT partner to our clients by helping them translate their IT vision into reality and measurable value for the last 16 years.

At Scepter Technologies, our primary goal is to provide maximum benefit to our clients and help them accomplish all of their business goals.

That is why we employ only the finest and most skillful talent to ensure that our clients always receive the highest standard of services.

Just The Facts

Scepter Technologies

Our team of professionals serve small to medium enterprises ranging from health, financial services, retail, manufacturing, communications, education, and other societal sectors, with the sole objective to deliver the best and most unique solutions to every company in every sector.

It is our flexibility, versatility and adaptability to changing economic conditions that earns us plaudits and surpasses us ahead of the competition, by continuing to maintain high levels of client commitment by supporting our clients every step of the way from planning to execution to post-live support.

Founded in 2006

Serving all US clients
Over 95% customer retention rate
Over 90% employee retention rate
70+% of new employees come from internal referrals
Inc. 500 Award; 5 time Inc. 5000 Honoree
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How Are We Different

Our Employees Set Us Apart

The core of operations at Scepter Tech are none other than our very own employees. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved as we provide companies with talented IT teams or solutions and help employees build their IT careers through these opportunities.

Our thoroughly vetted recruitment program designed by experienced experts ensures that we only hire the best of the best, a feature that enables us to become an IT solutions provider that is highly recommended by our employees to other talented individuals. As a result, we have come to boast an extremely high retention rate with our customers.

simplify IT solutions

The Scepter Tech Philosophy

Scepter Tech comprises a team of dedicated and passionate IT professionals who believe that there is no reason for technology to feel like an insurmountable hurdle; it should be your segway into modernizing your operations and competing with the best in your industry. That is why our collective goal is to simplify IT solutions for our customers.

Our technology solutions and services aim to provide optimum technological solutions for you and your company, whether they are in the form of project strategizing and management or the provision of qualified employees for your IT projects.

Our entire operation is built upon five primary principles that dictate all of our transactions

Our very first principle and priority is to ensure that all of the services delivered to you from our side maintain a set standard and quality that Scepter Tech upholds itself to. That is why we take all of your requirements into careful consideration before strategizing and developing a blueprint that fits your framework down to the last detail.

At Scepter Tech, communication lies at the epicenter of all of our collaborations and partnerships. As our client, your input will be given the utmost priority in any and all projects to ensure your satisfaction.

Throughout the project, you will have the ability to access all aspects and details of the process and all of your concerns will be addressed appropriately by the respective teams. Maintaining visibility enables us to gauge and the fulfil your expectations, while ensuring that the final product ticks all of your boxes.

Our team of IT experts and technologists are highly familiar with the world of modern technology and use their experience and knowledge to derive new and innovative solutions for your tech issues.

At the end of the day, we believe in upholding our end of the bargain no matter the situation. We will maintain accountability at all points throughout the partnership.

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