Staffing Your IT Team With Limited Resources

The world of information technology continues to expand at an exponential rate. Your IT team is one of the most critical aspects of your business, especially in the contemporary industry where technology plays such a crucial role in almost every business strategy and its implementation. The field of IT is ripe with opportunities and most IT professionals have a tonne of options at their disposal to avail. While this is great news for those looking to make a career out of their IT degrees and backgrounds, it does not bode so well for businesses and companies who are looking to rope in the top talent for their projects.

Most of the experienced and skilled technologists go for opportunities at larger companies and organizations that are likely to carry them on in the future. This can make the job ten times harder for small and medium scale ventures that do not necessarily have the largest operations or budgets. So if you cannot attract the best in the business with a heavy stipend, how exactly can you staff your IT team with the best possible choices? Let’s explore a few ways you can do so:

Capitalize On The Opportunity

When it comes to small businesses, the key is to pose yourself as a challenging opportunity as opposed to a prospect that will have the applicant rolling in money. In fact, several experts voluntarily make the decision to move to smaller companies just to deal with new challenges and apply new skills rather than make money. By showcasing your team as a challenge, you can attract experienced and talented IT professionals without having to fight against your budgetary constraints.

Other Benefits

Other than that, you can also choose to highlight some of the benefits that a position on your IT team offers apart from the salary that will be found nowhere else. It can be the simplest of things- maybe extra vacation or holiday days- you never know what an experienced campaigner in the IT industry may be looking for and be satisfied by if they are willing to overlook the money.


A good thing to do is realize when you need to outsource and do it without hesitation as needed. Most companies prefer to have their employees on their check and committed full time, but hiring a third party team can be a cost effective solution which should certainly be considered by small businesses. It is a short commitment that allows you to use the expertise of the independent professionals for the time being and then move on once the job is done. It also saves you from running the risk of making the wrong hire and being stuck with a prospect that doesn’t quite fit in with your company culture or methodologies.

Using An IT Staffing Agency

One great way to gain access to new and old top talent in the IT industry is to opt for an IT staffing agency that will find the right people for you and put them in all the right places to get the ball rolling on your IT projects. These agencies usually recruit individuals from all over the world, meaning you get access to an endless pool of unique skills and talents to choose from.

IT Staffing With Scepter Tech

If you are looking to take a cost effective route to filling up those IT positions on your team, then let us help you on the journey. At Scepter Tech, we aim to help businesses like you find the top talent in the world of information technology so that you can capitalize on their exceptional skill sets and oodles of experience out in the field for the benefit and growth of your company. We thoroughly interview and test all of our IT prospects to ensure that you are only exposed to the best in the business- employees that will make you want to retain them even after the gig is done. Get in touch with us today to discuss your case and find out how we can be of particular assistance to you and your cause.