Scepter workforce management is a service that allows companies to know the most actualized status of their employees. The workforce of your company is the most important resource you have.

Scepter workforce powerful platform services

It was meant to manage your workforce efficiently. It includes a mobile app for making easier this important task. Additionally, by knowing your employees information you can know their immigration legal situation and make something to support then in this difficult process.

Your workforce can be managed anytime and anywhere. Our platform gives you near super powers to know what is exactly happening with your talent´s information. Managing workforce never was so easy. You can oversee, manage and evolve.

The information will always be actualized. New information can be registered and added easily while unnecessary and incomplete information is eliminated from the system.

These are some features that Scepter workforce management provides:

  • Employee information: You can manage your workforce better now. All the information is on your hands. By using our app, you bring your organization’sworkforce right at your fingertips.
  • Mobile immigration: You can know the immigration legal status of your employees. You can use the information to keep your workforce always legal while they are working in your company.
  • Timesheets can be submitted: There are no excuses anymore. Being on the move was a common excuse for delay on submitting timesheets.
  • Mobile analytics: It does not matter where you are, you will always have important statistics of your company or your workforce at hand.
  • Mobile leave management: If it is difficult for your company to control the number of hours lost due to leaves of employees, this app easily generate reports.


Scepter workforce management app is the best way how to manage your workforce because our reliable system is the most complete and user friendly.