Immigration Case Management


Scephire Immsys –  immigration case management offers efficiency in immigration case management. The immigration process is complex. For that reason, Scephire dedicates layers of expert service for supporting you and all the employees.

Scephire immigration case management lifetime working

We have many years of experience working in the area and managing the immigration process for enterprise companies. Our well-trained experts are reliable. They serve as an extension of our main services.

We are responsible and transparent. Communication will always be effective. They work passionately. Or team of experts is dedicated and experienced; there are not hidden costs or hourly billing.


We are efficient, organized and transparent. Scepter offers one of the only enterprise platforms for companies to hire and manage a global workforce. We deal with all the immigration cases: from applying for work authorizations and sponsored visas to mobilizing and redefining your immigration status.

Compliance management

Those employees with open petitions are just a portion of your global workforce. Make sure you are managing your entire global talent efficiently. This is what compliance management is about.

You must be sure that the status of your workforce is always actualized. All the information you manage have to be accurate and up-to-date, elimination unnecessary information or incomplete documents while you are adding new details before they cause compliance concerns.

If you have actualized information, you can identify those vulnerable talents that will need our services. Scepter immigration case management team recommends you to check internet audits, and review and verify employee information frequently. Then, you can identify and compile a list of employees that need our immigration services depending on their statues for getting legal visa compliance assessment.

You have to check the visa status and eligibility for your entire global workforce. Visa status can change and some employees could be eligible for green cards, based on your immigration policy.