Exponentially Increase Your Candidate Pool And Client Submissions With One Of The World’s Most Intelligent And Automated Applicant Tracking And Sourcing Systems. No More Missed Hiring Opportunities That Affect The Growth Of Your Business!

In response to the difficulties encountered by IT consulting firms in the process of recruiting skilled specialists, Scepter Technologies Inc. has developing HireBestGlobal, a web application to provide their targeted customers with recruiting software that will make it easier to perform their human resources management responsibilities. HireBestGlobal shall be a fully scalable, integrated applicant tracking with all in one integrated workforce and immigration management system. Its goal shall be to automate candidate sourcing, tracking and submitting and managing workforce and immigration so much that users don’t have to do anything other than clicking a few buttons.

Asides its major focus which is recruitment software, the product is going to include two additional beneficial packages which shall be financial and human resources management. Below is a short description of the entire package of features that HireBestGlobal application will provide:

  • Applicant Tracking System: With its bot-enhanced recruitment platform, HireBestGlobal will help recruiters to post job openings on the one hand and appraise candidate’s applications through keyword-focused optimization.
  • Graphical Dashboard: The web application will comply with the design and embedment of strategic, analytical, operational and informational dashboards.
  • Recruitment Management: With just a few clicks of button, IT staffing and consultancy firms will be able to conduct the entirety of their recruitment process on the web application: from posting advertisements reviewing applications to scheduling, to screening and finally making offers.
  • Recruitment Metrics: Using the formula of the key performance indicators, HireBestGlobal will help to calculate the effectiveness of companies’ recruitment processes.
  • Digital onboarding: We help our clients generate more profits by onboarding their customer service, using email notifications and SMS to introduce services, electronic cards and short videos to appreciate them on occasions of birthdays and anniversaries, and other incentives.
  • Mass emailing: As a Premium account feature, company accounts will be able to send mass emails to candidates for job openings.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Data will be crucial to the functionality of the HireBestGlobal application. With a good command of company-customer’s relationship history and analysis, we will make it easier for you to drive and improve your CRM.
  • Vendor Management: As your partner in growth, with the HireBestGlobal application, we will not only provide a conducive platform to help you negotiate the best offers with your suppliers but also provide you and your suppliers with the best of onboarding experiences.
  • Applicant Management: HireBestGlobal will make it super quicker to process candidate’s applications and research background information about them through the enabling search interface.
  • Job Management: With HireBestGlobal, our goal is to optimize job management. From schedules, to employee tracking to customer relations, we will help companies deliver the best job on time.
  • Assignment Management: From the process of initiation to the point of completion, HireBestGlobal will automate the management of tasks assigned employees for greater efficiency.
  • Performance Metrics Management: We will help you evaluate your company’s business success by using key performance indicators like quality of time spent, customer satisfaction, and revenue per employee, product quality, cost effectiveness, productivity and efficiency.
  • Revenue Forecast: Using a variety of metrics like sales analysis, product demand prospects, and overall performance metrics, HireBestGlobal will help companies forecast their projected revenue intelligibly and scientifically.
  • User Management: We will build an effective system into HireBestGlobal that will help company admins manage company accounts on our application.
  • QuickBooks Online Integration: Financial accounting will become like breeze as we work on systematically integrating QuickBooks online of companies and their employees while also preserving the confidentiality of the operation.
  • Timesheet automation: No more need to rack the brain with complex calculation of merited pay of employees on hourly rate. With a subscription to the Premium package, company account users will be able to track the work employee working hours seamlessly.
  • Invoice automation: The services rendered by HireBestGlobal will include generation of online invoices for online transactions conducted on company’s online platforms which for ease of operation will be linked with the company’s HireBestGlobal platform.
  • Payroll Management: For efficient and accurate computation, disbursement and reporting of salaries of employees, HireBestGlobal will be a go-to. Our payroll interface will easily interact with the company’s analytics, timesheet automation as well as individual employee’s financial institutions, be it bank accounts or online payments system.
  • Workforce Management: HireBestGlobal will help IT consulting firms achieve their desired performance level and efficiency by managing staff records and schedules effectively.
  • E-ticketing: Ticketing will take a new look with HireBestGlobal user-friendly e-ticketing software.
  • Integrations: The overall objective of HireBestGlobal is to reduce costs and save space and time by creating fully scalable and integrated software that incorporates recruitment, resource and financial management services.

It is required that HireBestGlobal, despite its sophisticated nature be user-friendly and browser compatible. Operational features of the web application will include the following:

  • HireBestGlobal will match the data of Employers with those of Job Seeker, enabling them to easily find relevant search results;
  • It will show the percentage of matching;
  • It will show advertisements and job vacancies and will also help applicants determine the percentage of their qualification for respective applications by analyzing their profile.
  • It will provide a one to one messaging facility for easier communication between job seekers and employers.
  • The application will contain an independent RSS feeds that allow them to obtain news and events from the website about corporate and individual users.
  • Companies will be required to link their official website with their HireBestGlobal account and that will enable them to easily import news and events contained on their website to their HireBestGlobal account.
  • A complete registration process, comprising the three stages of Registration of Personal Information, Setting-up Professional Profile and Linking Social Media accounts will be required to access the application’s basic features.
  • There will be an option to upgrade account to Premium to access all of the application’s features. Without the account upgrade, users will only be able to search, use the messaging facility and access the news feed.
  • The application will have account categorization functionality and there will be three available models it will be able to sort accounts into: Company, Job seeker and Employee.