Referral Program

Referral Program

Our Employee Referral Program intends to reward specially-skilled consultants with a generous bonus package. We value relationships with our consultants which is why our incentive program only solidifies our process of building the foundations for candidates towards achievement of a successful career.

Through the years, this program has demonstrated that the most qualified individuals are not necessarily looking for employment and, therefore, are not apt to respond. Scepter Technologies garner the recommendations of our talented consultants through our employee and project referral programs. Our referral programs encourage company growth and afford consultants the opportunity to earn additional bonuses.

If you have or know of any talented candidates available to work on a Scepter project, refer them to us here at Scepter Tech. In return, a rewarding bonus package awaits!

Project referrals

If a consultant is instrumental in extending a project, he or she will be entitled to a portion of the negotiated extension package. In addition, if a consultant establishes a new relationship with an existing or potential client, he or she will be entitled to a percentage of generated profits.

Employee referrals

If an employee is instrumental in adding another consultant to a project, he or she will be entitled to a percentage of profits. Additionally, any employee who refers us to an individual that we hire will be entitled to a pre-determined bonus amount.