IT Staffing Services

IT Staffing Services

Here at Scepter Technologies, we pride ourselves in delivering what is required for your business. Since our existence for more than a decade, not only do have we pride ourselves to deliver for you, but we value your business, which is why it is our obligation to identify and recruit exceptional talent for all your staffing needs.
We understand the hiring process can be expensive and time-consuming, reducing the amount of the time you need during the day to continue with your day to day activities.
Leave searching for exceptional talent to us. Our efficient recruiting and screening process is driven to save you vast amounts of time and money to identify the right employee for your business, so you don’t have to.
Below are our services we specialize in:

  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract-to-Hire Staffing
  • Direct Here Placements
  • Payrolling Services

    Recognizing Talent to Inspire business is our prerogative at Scepter Technologies. Recognizing talent is our specialist field, and we pride ourselves in identifying the right candidate for your business needs.

    Contract Staffing – Short and Long Term

    The staffing industry for contractors is proving to be a challenge due to the favorable shift to contract workers. Our thorough and dignified talent acquisition process is catered to identifying exceptionally skilled people for short and long-term contracts, ready to hire for your projects.

    Contract-to-Hire Staffing

    We treat it as our responsibility to identify the inspirational talent which suits your business needs. As an employer, you will be able to “test the waters” upon the employee to determine his appropriateness. Ultimately, the final decision rests on you to decide whether the contractor possesses the necessary skills and expertise to be considered a permanent employee. Contract-to-Hire has enormous flexibility on open job roles and you can invoke the 90-day no fee option to decide on the suitability of the role and whether you’re satisfied with the candidate.

    Direct Hire Placements

    Our direct hire process is proven to identify and directly recruit exceptional talent at competitive and budget friendly rates. The process includes a comprehensive interview, including background and vetting checks, security screening and criminal record identification. Any anomalies found will abruptly end the recruiting process. Our proven process has demonstrated the ability to identify expertise ready to hire for your projects.

    Payrolling Services

    Identifying that all-important candidate without the ability to hire due to budget constraints can be stressful. Let us help! We can handle all your payroll tasks to help you hire the inspirational talented candidate you have been looking for. We will offer the financial flexibility you require for your projects in exchange for a small administration fee. Our process involves managing costs to reduce any risk or financial impact upon you. We are obliged to manage payroll information, savings & deductions, job titles and department/division transfers.

    Our process to acquire inspiring talent is thorough. We identify dedicated employees who are ready to be hired on a job for our clients. Our talent process focuses on identifying specialist staff with specialist skills who instantly prepared. Every skill acquired increases the chances of success to your company.

    Our thorough talent process is carried out with the following checkpoints:

  • A thorough interview process with Human Resources
  • A minimum requirement of 2 references required for acceptance
  • Identification & Vetting Checks
  • Background Checks. Criminal records identified will immediately halt the process
  • Social media and security screening
  • Education and Credential Verifications
  • Skills Development and Assessment
  • Our Customer Base is Diverse and Skilled. Let us help you inspire!