IT Staffing Services

IT Staffing Services

Project Staffing

Every project poses new challenges for clients and their customers. It is thus, pointless to have a universal strategy for tackling the demands associated with every project. To ensure the success of every project, having the right people on your team matters and Scepter Technologies can make that happen.

Our staffing solutions involve a complete analysis of the current state of a project, the end goals for the project and the future. With all this in mind, we provide staffing solutions to fill in the missing components with highly experienced people with the right set of skills.

Choosing the Right Candidate

At Scepter, we understand that each individual client of ours has a unique work culture and environment. We make it a point to do our research and select candidates that are the right fit for that culture. The staffing needs of our clients are never ignored and our constant high quality work ensures that we form long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our main aim is to provide the right staff to propel a project to success, in a cost and time efficient manner that benefits both our clients and their customers. The candidates we pick are of the highest quality and we make sure that they are up to the task in terms of creativity and meeting deadlines. Our vast network of highly-trained recruiters, can work with businesses of all sizes to get them the talent they need.

Apart from getting the best people for the project, we go one step further to analyze the project, its goals and scope. We immediately alert our clients if there are any problems or potential bumps in the project along with recommendations for solutions. Scepter Technologies is the best place to get your projects analyzed, organized and working smoothly.

Permanent Placements

We provide a whole range of staffing solutions but for an organization, permanent placements are one of the main concerns. Hiring new employees can be stressful for organizations as they have to be incorporated into the fold without disrupting business.

The various industries that we work in will require IT personnel for various reasons and we can get the best people for the job. Positions varying from e-commerce to IT solutions can be filled with our help. We take of each and every aspect of the recruitment process, only leaving the final interview for the employer. Once the interview is done, it is up to the company to decide if they would like to hire the candidate or not.

Candidates that apply for permanent positions have to be of a certain pedigree and match the criteria of the job perfectly. We attract candidates from the right places and have a thorough screening process to make sure that they are the best fit. Once candidates apply, we perform initial tests to eliminate unfit candidates followed by a basic interview with our personnel.

Since the personnel at Scepter are highly qualified and experienced, the tests and interviews we design sort out candidates that have a high amount of skill and knowledge pertinent to the job. Once this is done, we pass along the candidate to our client and assist them with any queries they might have. We coordinate between our clients and potential candidates in setting up interviews and all other related communications.

We have customized recruitment plans for each of our clients, based on their needs. These plans have the potential to reach a wider audience and attract the right breed of candidates. Moreover, the candidates we select are proven to be skilled and efficient in their field.

Contract to Hire Staffing

To save time, effort, and expense in the recruitment process, we can help you “field test” technology talent so you can make a strategic decision based on both your environment and the fit of the candidate. Contract-to-Hire provides flexibility in the hiring process by offering unique benefits such as staffing projects and open positions on a timely basis, plus a cost-effective 90-working-day, no conversion fee option to ensure employer and candidate are satisfied before any commitments are made for the position.

Contract-to-Hire is a very popular program, making up over 40% of the placements that we do. This is especially valuable when you have a permanent need, but you might want to bring somebody in and truly evaluate that person—not only a technical level, but also to ensure they’re the right fit with the rest of your team.