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At Scepter Tech, not only are we known for our exceptional and outstanding service in achieving IT staffing needs, we work with a vision to lead IT Professionals to a path of instant long-term success. Not only does this benefit them, it also benefits you, the client, to work with exceptional talent willing to deliver under client demand. We at Scepter assist you in the sourcing of highly skilled IT Professionals working closely together. We provide talents in all Facets and Subcategories of Information Technology from Development, Design and Security.

Our sustained connections with mid-market companies nationwide allows us to delve into the market to thoroughly search for that skilled & talented individual. With over a thousand IT positions available along with exceptional benefits and training, be a part of the fastest growing IT Staffing Agency.

Begin your IT journey

We have over 1000 IT positions available across various sectors. Scepter Tech have built a reputation of delivering that all important position to kick-start a path in IT. Working with us has never been smoother.
Simply choose your role to begin your IT career path and let Scepter Tech do the rest!

Trust us to deliver

We at Scepter Tech do all the running around for you, so finding that perfect IT position isn’t a chore. Our breakthrough in the IT staffing market demonstrates our recurring growth in the staffing market. Companies warm to us because they know to expect instant results. Our efficient and stringent approach delivers exceptional support and insight to our partners to build their IT team.

Why work with us

Whether you’re just starting out or are mid-way through your career looking for that next opportunity, Scepter Tech serve with a purpose to grow your IT career at every stage. With exceptional benefits available, it has never been a good time to team up with Scepter Tech to go that one step further.

Why Scepter is a SMART Choice

We at Scepter Tech are stringent and efficient in searching for, delivering and matching the most skilled IT Professionals with the most appropriate IT job. Of course, all IT staffing companies will share the wide-range of benefits they offer to IT Professionals. However, at Scepter Tech, our process is more thorough. We don’t simply just match IT Professionals with open job roles based on skill sets, we go one step further. Our focus is on matching job roles with skilled IT professionals, but with an insight and focus on their futures, and ensuring that they thrive in a successful IT career.

The additional benefit to you? You will be matched with a driven and focused IT Professional, keen to deliver instant results to your organization. Our screening process at Scepter Tech goes far beyond just searching and matching.
It focuses on two key factors, Value and Results.


Representing your Career

Scepter Technologies can be thought of as a Job Representative. Our dedicated representatives intend to place the best candidates with the best opportunities, listening to your job expectations and closely optimizing the opportunity to secure the job of your choice. With our skillful, knowledgeable and experienced team, we have a proven track record of delivering results. We pledge to work with passion and dedication towards you, the talented candidate, with the objective of progressing your career path.
Our dedicated recruitment process is built on transparency and efficiency, intent on delivering the right

Acquire and Hire

Picking out skills from a CV and simply placing a candidate to a job profile is not our prerogative. Our process is comprehensive and efficient. Our knowledgeable team conduct a thorough process of acquiring suitable special talent for the right position. The interview process is typically conducted face-to-face, collectively with company hiring managers and the professional candidates.
As part of the process, we review client needs together with your skills to determine you as a suitable candidate. If we feel there is a match, we will present this to you. Our process is not only to meet job profiles with your skills, but we endeavor to ensure the profile meets your own prospects and personal objectives. It is our belief that happy candidates demonstrate a happy working culture.

Career Development

We regularly keep you informed on market trends, pay structures and new job prospects to present you with future opportunities when searching for a new position. Scepter Technologies’ knowledgeable community partners offer regular insight to assist us to help you to prosper in your role. We aim to give candidates a head-start by offering job-interview support, sharing insight to client responsibilities to help you thrive and regularly looking out for long-term personal goals.
Your IT career is in our hands, and with good reason. Trust us at Scepter to deliver fulfilment to your IT career.

Regular Engagement

At Scepter Technologies, we do not promote a “hire you leave you” policy. Most IT Staff agencies are simply looking for job placements to fill, without any consideration of the professional candidate’s needs and happiness. At Scepter, your needs come first. You can count on us in making sure you’re satisfied with your placement. We regularly keep in contact with you throughout your placement to make sure you continue to stay comfortable and happy throughout your tenure.
Our follow-up policy is one of a handful of reasons why we are considered reliable, reputable and one of the best.

Securing your Future

At Scepter Technologies, we regularly engage with our clients even when you’re on assignment. We care for your future and are always keeping tabs on future progression roles for you to continue to prosper and climb the ladder in your IT career.
When one assignment ends, another one begins. It is our prerogative to ensure you are never left out of work, and to keep you recurrently employed. New opportunities continue to arise, and it is our intention to set you up with a new assignment as soon as the opportunity becomes available.

The Fastest Growing IT Staffing Solutions Company

Committed to delivering excellence to our clients and consultants

The IT talent pool continuous to grow and it can become very difficult to locate that special individual. Our prerogative is to search and deliver that exceptional talent for your smart business.

Not only do we pride ourselves in prizing smart talent, we also look out for their future, and ensure instant progression towards a successful and enjoyable IT career. Your IT staffing needs will be well looked after with simplicity and efficiency. The search for quality IT talent has never been easier with Scepter Tech.

Let us help you find the skilled asset to meet your company needs.

IT Staffing Services

We are here to build and progress your exceptional IT talent pool. Our staffing solutions team are widely experienced in making your talent search simple and efficient.

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Technology Consulting

Do you have a business problem that you can’t quite resolve? Scepter Tech are on hand to help you create a new vision for your business with the best technological solutions the market has to offer.

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Application Development

Technology continues to move at a rapid rate. We have a capable and experienced development team at hand to help you keep up with business demands to stay competitive.

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Mobility Solutions

We offer a wide-range of gadget solutions to meet your everyday needs. Clients are now dependent on devices for various activities and our specialist development team are on hand to invest into your technological future.

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Our Customer Base is Diverse and Skilled

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