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Scepter Tech – Special, Secure, Supportive

Leading the way for success and opportunity for over 13 years

Engaging, Helpful and Opportunistic
Before delivering opportunities to our clients, it is our prerogative to understand industry and client needs. This will help us to engage and deliver excellence for our clients and provide them with attractive opportunities.

As a leading National Technology Solutions provider, Scepter Technologies, Inc a Maryland based corporation, has been trusted since more than 13 years to connect people with technology that enhances growth, elevates productivity, and empowers innovation.  Our professionals have been chosen from among the best in the industry to provide our clients with the highest quality services in the most responsive manner possible. We have a team of experts who caters to small to medium enterprises, as well to the different sectors of public, traversing health, education and many other sectors of society. Our goal is to be attuning to the needs that are distinct to every company or every sector and look for the best solutions to properly address this need. The solutions we give are tailored for each client, assuring greater efficiency and satisfaction.

Our areas of specialization are IT staffing and technology consulting services. We have both the manpower and tools to get your project off the ground, step in when you need to expand your in-house team, or provide end-to-end solutions throughout your project. It is this versatility and flexibility that has earned us plaudits and referrals from clients.

We serve a number of industries, which include financial services, retail, manufacturing, communications, hospitality and public sector organizations. The agility with which we are able to procure the right skills for a task, project or product, is helping clients manage planning, execution, testing, and support in the most efficient way there is.

Scepter offers advantages of quality, reliability and economy made possible by an experienced team and cost control measures that allow us to pass any cost savings to you. Indeed, we are also recognized as being one of the most cost-effective services among our peers.

We strive to continue delivering outstanding IT services and adapting in the light of changing economic conditions or regulations in order to maintain our client first commitment.